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Experience The Magic of The African Bush!

You deserve to give back to yourself and your loved ones. You deserve to reconnect. And what better way to do so than at an affordable four-star lodge in the African bush. Warthogs, giraffe, zebra, kudu, wildebeest and impala wander around Needles Lodge. As you get up close and personal with them, you will experience their lives – and the heart of the African bush. At this warm, owner-run lodge, your comfort, your experience, and your needs are our top priority.

The Experience

If you're looking for a peaceful retreat, escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life; enjoy the hospitality, relax, and soak up the sun at the pool.


The central lounge and entertainment area at Needles Lodge extends out onto a large outside deck surrounding the trunk of a giant Marula tree.

Guest Reviews

  • What a magic experience at Needles!

    What a magic experience at Needles! Greeted daily by zebras, kudus, warthogs and giraffes from the deck. Warm friendly staff, wonderful food and comfortable and clean rooms. Thanks Lyn and Phil for your hospitality.

    Nicky Craig, June 2024


  • Best accommodation for visiting Kruger

    Best accommodation for visiting Kruger and superb customer service. Award winning!! Food is top quality, rooms are clean and spacious and wildlife is abundant. Large kudus, impalas and antelope were walking around the perimeter of the lodge. The safaris are coordinated by Needles and only the best guides are chosen. Every comfort item is included and when you head out for safaris even warm ponchos are provided. I can’t... Read this review

    Emma Hayes, April 2024


  • Third visit to Needles

    Been to the needles for the third time. This time 6 nights. You can really relax and everyone is very nice. The food is fantastic and prepared by Thobila. You eat together with all the guests so that you can also chat with people about their experiences. We had a full day in Kruger Park with Willem. It is recommended for everyone to book the game drives in advance.... Read this review

    Ronnie & Sylvia , February 2024

    The Netherlands

  • Beter kan het echt niet worden.

    Hier moet je geweest zijn om te begrijpen en te voelen hoe het is om in deze geweldige lodge te verblijven. Heerlijk (top kokkies!) en gezellig gegeten aan de lange buitentafel. Aanschuiven maar en elkaar vertellen over je ervaringen en te luisteren naar Dennis en zijn team die je van alles kunnen vertellen over het land en de geschiedenis. De game drive met ranger William om nooit te vergeten.... Read this review

    Carla de Waal, February 2024

    The Netherlands

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At Needles Lodge, our dining experience caters to all diets, featuring vegan, vegetarian, and specialized options. Enjoy dishes like spiced vegetable tagines and butternut sweet potato curry, made with locally sourced ingredients. Dine in our open-air area, surrounded by the African bush, with gluten-free, nut-free, and soy-free choices ensuring every meal is a sustainable delight.

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