25 May - Morning Walk & Full Day Safari in Kruger

Posted on Fri May 25, 2018.

Guests having a great morning walk and full day safari in Kruger National Park.

Yesterday, our guests, 2 friends travelling together from Scotland and Brazil, had an exciting and most enjoyable Safari drive in Kruger National Park. They managed to see 4 of the BIG 5. Very close sightings of about 12 Lions with their cubs, 12 rhinos very close, to the road, a huge herds of elephants and buffalo. And of course the other amazing animals Kruger has to offer; giraffe, Zebra and various antelope, baboons and monkeys and beautiful bird species. Over 140 mammal species can be found in Kruger. They were very impressed with their Guide. He was extremely knowledgeable and taught them a lot.

This morning they did an early morning walk in Kruger Park with 2 armed Rangers. They had a very close encounter to Elephants which got the adrenaline going. On morning walks the guides take great care to explain in detail about the different animal tracks (spoor), dung, insects, trees and fauna and flora in the park. It’s getting up close and personal with nature. We are happy to have 2 very happy and excited guests. It’s just part of the adventure when you stay at Needles and enjoy amazing accommodation near Kruger Park.