Posted on Sat June 2, 2018.

Magic moments on a Sunset Drive

Tony and Jane from Perth Australia, first time travellers to South Africa, had the most incredible and memorable experience last night.

5 mins into the drive their first sighting was of 3 lions lying alongside the road. A few minutes later a 2nd close sighting of more lions. Next exciting sighting was a very close up sighting of 3 White Rhinos with a calf. As the sun was setting they were privileged to see a Barn Owl which is not very common.

Dealing with all the excitement of all the fantastic sightings the vehicle was suddenly stopped as there was a Leopard lying next to the road. They spent about 10 mins watching the leopard walking in front of the vehicle and going back to lying next to the road.

They also saw a Civet and a Porcupine crossing the path in front of the vehicle.

As they are both very avid bird watchers and for them one of the highlights of the drive was seeing a Red Crested Korhaan showing off with its display. It flies into the air for about 20 metres and then folds its wings and tumbles down to earth. It opens its wings like a parachute just before it crashes to the ground. Dust flying in a spectacular show.

They are already planning a return visit to Kruger next year! Needless to say they are extremely happy guests at awesome accommodation near Kruger Park for amazing safaris.