Waiting for the rains

Posted on Thu October 20, 2016.

After the worst drought in 112 years we hope and pray that the rains will be good this season.

The drought has now lasted 2 long years and the veldt is devastated. This is officially the worst drought in the area since records began way back in 1904. The rivers are at an all time low and the animals have been forced to stay close to the Crododile and Sabi Rivers in our area of Southern Kruger Park. Many buffalo and hippos have succumb to this harsh reality. The predators; lions, leopard, cheetah, wild dogs, hyenas etc. have been thriving with all the easy prey. 

Since the start of the rains in September we have only had a 16 - 18 millimeters, however our real rainy season only starts in December and goes through to the end of February so we hope that the Kruger and surrounding areas will get the much needed relief! 

The game viewing has been excellent as the bush is thin and the grass virtually non-existent.