Connect with Nature at Needles Lodge

Posted on Thu June 18, 2015.

There are few more exciting experiences than to spend time in the African bush. Mysterious and magnificent, you will have a chance to see many of the most exotic wild animals in their natural habitat, and to truly connect with nature in a way that cannot be done elsewhere. The only problem is, where should you go for the best holiday in the bush? The answer could be Needles Lodge, a superb owner-run lodge in Marloth Park, a private nature sanctuary close to the famous Kruger National Park.


Needles Lodge has been awarded four-star rating by the relevant authorities in South Africa, and offers friendly and comfortable accommodation in a quite spectacular location. The many wild animals that wander freely around the lodge include giraffe, zebra, wildebeest and warthogs, and you can watch them from the comfort of your lodge. It’s a very special experience, and one that will be enjoyed by all. For more exciting safari options, and even the chance to spot the legendary big five – leopards and lions, elephant, buffalo and the endangered rhinoceros – you can take a safari tour to the Kruger, a truly magnificent place.

Peaceful and unique, and offering excellent hospitality and great food, Needles Lodge provides a chance to experience the wild side of Africa yet reside in comfort, and has a reputation for providing a wonderful experience. There are few places more magical than the bush, and here you are immersed in it without concern. Relax in the pool, enjoy a drink in the living area or take a book from the library; whether you want to spend your time exploring or simply taking time out, Needles Lodge could be the place for you, so why not get in touch now and book a dream holiday in a stunning place?