Posted on Thu August 26, 2021.

One of the favourite animals among nature-lover tourists, and the biggest, is the Elephant. Its possible to spend hours watching these giants of the Bushveld as they interact with one another and an Elephant sighting is virtually guaranteed in the Kruger National Park!

Entry gates into the Kruger National park, with its incredible array of fauna going about their daily lives as they have for millennia, are within a 30-minute drive from Needles Lodge, your luxury Safari Lodge in Marloth Park.

Did you know that Elephants are right- or left-handed just like we humans? Its easy to tell which is which too – the tusk on the side favoured by the elephant will be shorter and more worn. Sometimes its even broken off. If you’re lucky enough to watch an elephant stripping bark off a tree, or even breaking down a tree to get at juicy green leaves that are out of its reach otherwise, you will understand why its favoured tusk wears or even breaks.

On many days, Elephants can be viewed in the Crocodile riverbed from Marloth Park with its 19 km shared boundary with the Kruger National Park. So you can enjoy your luxury safari accommodation in Marloth Park at Needles Lodge close enough to the Kruger Park boundary to walk to view the world’s largest land mammals and see for yourself which are right- or left-tusked!