Weather conditions on Safari

Posted on Mon March 9, 2020.

Knowing what to take on safari in Kruger National Park can be quite confusing. We have compiled this simple breakdown of average weather conditions throughout the year to assist you with what to expect.

Kruger Park Safaris to go on while staying at Needles Lodge - This will assist you with: what to pack when going in a big 5 bush walk or safari.


Dry season - May to September – Winter
There is virtually no rainfall during the whole winter and humidity is very low. Animals are attracted to permanent water sources as water becomes scarce in the bush.

 May - This is a transitional month and marks the end of summer. Temperatures are cooling down to typically 12°C/54°F in the morning and 27°C/81°F in the afternoon.

June, July & August - Morning game drives in open vehicles will be cold, so it's advised to pack warm winter clothing. The average morning temperature is 9°C/48°F. Afternoons will be pleasant with temperatures around 26°C/79°F and cloudless skies.

September - The heat gradually builds to about 29°C/84°F in the afternoons and the first rains bring relief from very dry conditions. Mornings are less cold with temperatures around 14°C/57°F.

Wet seasons - October to April – Summer
It can be uncomfortably hot and humid in summer. Peak temperatures frequently reach well over 40°C/104°F, but average daytime temperatures go up to 32°C/90°F with high humidity. It seldom rains all day, but the pattern is afternoon storms.

October & November - It gets warmer and starts to rain more often, mostly in the afternoons. Temperatures are between 18°C/64°F in the morning and 31°C/88°F in the afternoon.

December, January & February - These are the wettest and hottest months, characterized by torrential downpours in the afternoon and high humidity. Afternoon temperatures are usually around 32°C/90°F but can soar up to an unbearable 40°C/104°F.

March & April - Rainfall will decrease and it slowly gets colder. This continues in April, which has lovely clear weather and few clouds. The nights get a bit colder but are still pleasant at about 16°C/61°F. Daytime temperatures are around 30°C/86°F and humidity drops in April, making this a very pleasant month.