What to take on Safari

Posted on Sun March 17, 2019.

One their first trip to Africa to experience the amazing diversity of wildlife people often ask us what to bring on safari. We have made this brief check-list that we hope will enhance your safari experience.

This is for a game drives in an open safari vehicle (OSV)

  • A good pair of binoculars.
  • Your camera with spare memory cards and a back-up battery.
  • A wide brimmed hat, it can get very hot in the African sun even during winter.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Light clothing in pastel bush friendly colours. Long sleeved shirts are great and trousers that can convert to shorts are really useful.
  • Waterproof windbreaker and in the African winter a fleece when doing open drives. Early mornings can be very chilly!
  • Good shoes or trekking sandals.
  • Sunglasses. 
  • A basic medicine/toiletries kit including bug spray, moisturiser, pain killers etc.
  • Check the App Stores for some amazing wildlife Apps to download to your tablet or Smart phone to add to your experience.