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Why do Zebras have stripes?

Posted on Wed March 27, 2019.

We all know how beautiful and unique zebras stripes are but why has this animal evolved to wear the black and white pyjamas that seem out of place on the African plains where all other mammals have more camouflaged drab brown, grey and spotted coats?

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The difference between a White and Black Rhino

Posted on Sat March 23, 2019.

Many people often get confused on safari by the names given to the two species of African Rhinoceros ie. Black or White and mistakenly think it comes from their skin colour. Here is a very brief comparative that will assist you in the correct identification.

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What to take on Safari

Posted on Sun March 17, 2019.

One their first trip to Africa to experience the amazing diversity of wildlife people often ask us what to bring on safari. We have made this brief check-list that we hope will enhance your safari experience.

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National Winner 2018 SA Tourism Lilizela Awards

Posted on Sat November 24, 2018.

After 3 years winning the Provincial SA Tourism Lilizela 4 Star Lodge Category we are please to announce that this year we have won the Nationals.

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Posted on Sat June 2, 2018.

Magic moments on a Sunset Drive

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