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Plant Life in Marloth Park: A Botanist’s Guide

Posted by Denis on Tue July 9, 2024 in Fauna and Flora of Kruger National Park.

Marloth Park, next to Kruger National Park, boasts diverse flora. Notable trees include the Marula, Baobab, Fever Tree, Leadwood, and Knob Thorn, each vital to the ecosystem and local traditions. This guide highlights their unique roles and significance.

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10 Spectacular Facts About the African Pygmy Kingfisher

Posted by Denis on Fri June 21, 2024 in Birdwatching.

The African Pygmy Kingfisher, found near Needles Lodge, is a vibrant bird with electric blue, orange, and purple feathers. Despite its vivid colors, it blends into dense foliage. A skilled hunter, it catches insects with precision. Males perform aerial dances during breeding season. Adaptable and solitary, it nests in riverbanks or termite mounds. Though not endangered, habitat loss is a concern. Spotting this bird at Needles Lodge is a special highlight.

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Vegan and Vegetarian Safaris at Needles Lodge

Posted by Denis on Wed May 29, 2024 in Needles Lodge.

At Needles Lodge, our dining experience caters to all diets, featuring vegan, vegetarian, and specialized options. Enjoy dishes like spiced vegetable tagines and butternut sweet potato curry, made with locally sourced ingredients. Dine in our open-air area, surrounded by the African bush, with gluten-free, nut-free, and soy-free choices ensuring every meal is a sustainable delight.

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Expert Photography Tips for Capturing Marloth Park's Unique Wildlife

Posted by Denis on Sat May 11, 2024 in Wildlife Photography and Needles Lodge.

Nestled next to Kruger National Park, Marloth Park is a photographer's dream, teeming with wildlife like zebras and bushbabies, often visible from Needles Lodge. This serene sanctuary offers not just a stay but a chance to capture the essence of these creatures in their natural habitat. From the magical golden hours to the spontaneous wildlife behaviours at dusk, this guide provides expert tips to help you hone your photography skills and take home stunning images that truly reflect the beauty of this unique area.

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We’re among the top 10% of hotels worldwide!

Posted by Denis on Mon May 6, 2024 in Needles Lodge.

A heartfelt thank you is extended to all guests, with an invitation to continue enjoying and preserving the natural beauty of the lodge while looking forward to more adventures together.

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